Saturday, 23 August 2014

Air Scape - "Reflection EP" (Left Of Field Records)

"My EP ‘Reflections’, is the first real opportunity I’ve had to really express myself and my personal ideas in the form of music. Although I have been writing music for years, and more recently turning to more expressive pieces, I have never had the opportunity to put so many ideas and themes into one piece of work, until now. The main idea behind this EP was based around my own personal reflections on things that are currently most prominent in my mind. Aside from the piece ‘Purpose’, which I wrote for a different meaning, each track tittle has a specific meaning to myself to do with my past experiences or current thoughts/feelings. The track ‘Purpose’, however, was written and named specifically for the cause that this EP is going towards, which is suicide awareness and prevention. I believe that no matter what, no matter how useless someone is feeling, everyone always has a purpose for being here. Whether you discover it now, tomorrow, or in 5 years, you always have one. To me the song portrays this by starting out slow and then having a sudden rise during the later stages of it. I hope you, reading this, can also relate to, or find a self-satisfactory meaning to a piece from this EP." (Words from release page)

Artist: Air Scape (FB)
Title: Reflection EP
Label: Left Of Field Records (FB)
Style: electronic, ambient,  piano
Date: August 16, 2014

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