Monday, 9 May 2011

The Sun Will Rise: An Inter-Netlabel Compilation for Japanese Relief

As everyone is no doubt aware, Japan was hit with a major natural disaster on March 11th. The country's citizens are in dire need of humanitarian aid. The netlabel scene is based on the ideas of charity, moral action, and global awareness, so it is only fitting that we produce a compilation with those principles in mind to assist those who are in urgent need. It just needed to be organized - and so I put out a call to musicians and netlabels to help. The response to the project was immense and immediate. Music submissions, offers of help with various aspects of the project, and plenty of encouragement began to pour into my inbox. In fact, there were so many submissions that I had to assemble a team to evaluate them. Numerous netlabels stepped forward with offers to post the compilation on their own sites. In doing this, we are overcoming the traditional limitations of physical media and its distrubition. There is no label of origin; every participating label is a part of one greater effort. Talented artists submitted their artwork for every aspect of the project. Every image for this entire project - the logo, the cover art, website backgrounds - was given freely to this effort. Even the name of the project was selected by the community.
I am overjoyed to present this compilation to the world. I hope that this will be an example of what can be done with free music and free art - that we don't have to profit from our work to do good things in this world. No one involved in this project will receive even the smallest amount of monetary compensation for their work here. This is charity in its truest sense. This is for Japan.

Release Page and Donations

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