Sunday, 12 February 2012

[sec.071] Emerald Park - "Reality Bites EP"

Reality Bites EP is released in a collaboration with af-music, Germany’s most innovative label for dark wave, independent and gothic music.
The rocking sound has made room for for a more relaxing and organic sound and so you can find 2 impressive and catching songs, which sparkle out of the speakers.
The Single "Reality Bites / Someone To Love" grants the desire for more and is a very good foretaste of the upcoming EMERALD PARK album, coming this autumn. 

Dopo l'ottimo e celebrato album del 2008 intitolato "For tomorrow" ecco tornare Emerald Park, band svedese di Malmö con questo "Reality Bites EP", rilasciato da 23 Seconds e af-music. Suoni e atmosfere molto british/middle/eightes, sistemati musicalmente tra Smiths e Microdisney (quindi si parla di Rough Trade). Freschezza rinnovata, guitar sound ed impasti vocali maschili/femminili estremamente piacevoli. In attesa dell'imminente nuovo album.

Emerald Park
Title: Reality Bites EP
Artist: Emerald Park
Label: 23 Seconds
Style: Indie-Pop
Date: 27 January 2012


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