Wednesday, 4 December 2013

NetMusic Life - November 2013 Selection

These are some of the best tracks that I have heard in November 2013:

wim (ウィム) - "White Cat Sleeping" (Totokoko)
Pasini/Pilia - "First Light Of The Day" (La bèl)
Uniform Motion - "The Pen Fallacy" (No Source)
Madoka - "とうしんだい" (Mayoware Records)
Nheap - "Primary Colors" (Acustronica)
Mentz - "dots" (esc.rec.)
Gaetano Fontanazza - "Imasking" (Sucu Music)
A Finnish Contact - 'Detachable Words/Tangled Numbers' (Kohlhaas)
Cock & Swan - "Night Valley" (Hush Hush Records)
Alarmist - "Pal Magnet" (self released)

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