Monday, 10 December 2012

Entertainment for the Braindead - "Postcard #3: Cologne, Songs for the Breathless" (self released)

"Cologne. A room. Over time I collected quite a bunch of instruments. There are strings to be plucked and wooden sticks to blow air into, things to be hit and things to be shaken, millions of ways to set some kind of material into motion, to make another resonate with sound. If people ask me which was the first one I picked up, I tell them it was the recorder. But actually, if I want to be precise, there was another one before. In fact, the first cords I ever made vibrate were right in my throat, the first body I made resonate my own. Before I could even think of ways to hold or play another instrument, I had already discovered I was equipped with one: a voice. It still took a long time to get to know it and befriend with it. You have to go through the unsettling, dissociating experience of hearing your recorded voice for the first time, and believe me, you won‘t like it. You have to face its flaws and maybe learn to use turn them into benefits. Finally, at a time when my guitar would feel wrong in my hands and the strings of my banjo were only alienating, I sat down in a corner of my bed, stripped of all musical protheses, and decided to finally attempt to make as much use of my one very own instrument as possible. This is the result of that experiment. Cologne 2010 - Berlin 2012" (E.F.T.B.)

Arriva il terzo capitolo della collezione postcard ideata da Entertainment for the Braindead e dedicata a diversi luoghi dell’Europa visitati dalla musicista di Berlino. Come in ogni precedente release è presente una caratteristica particolare che la contraddistingue. In questo caso la presenza quasi unica della sua voce trasporta in un atmosfera semi religiosa. Melodie che sono preghiere cantate in stazioni deserte di paesi del nord. Sovrapposizioni vocali magistralmente calibrate su basi electro-voice. Julia (E.F.T.B.) sa inventarsi un presente in questo nuovo mondo di democratizzazione musicale. Si auto-produce i propri lavori che rende disponibili gratuitamente (e naturalmente con possibilità di donazione), spedisce cartoline hand-made, inforna biscotti e riesce a mantenere con i suoi numerosi follower un rapporto diretto e umano, oltre ad inventarsi mini-tour europei. Una chiara rappresentazione di come i musicisti possono muoversi nel disordine musicale datato 2012. Un esempio da seguire attentamente.

Entertainment for the Braindead

Artist: Entertainment for theBraindead
Title: Postcard #3: Cologne, Songs for theBreathless
Label: self released
Style: a-cappella
Date: December 05, 2012

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